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If you follow the right formula to get backlink, you can massively improve your website's rankings and authority.

But low-quality backlinks can damage your rankings and reputation.

The most impactful backlinks are:


  • Editorially earned

  • From a relevant, authoritative website

  • Not paid for or sponsored


In this article, we’ll cover 11 ways to get quality backlinks, regardless of your industry.


Digital PR

Digital PR consists of creating linkable assets and promoting them to relevant journalists and publications. If done well, it can be a scalable way to earn backlinks.

But keep in mind that you’ll need to create assets that publications want to link to.

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Some common examples include:


  • Data-driven studies

  • In-depth, long-form guides

  • Infographics and visuals


If you create a resource that’s in-depth, compelling, and accurate, people will naturally cite you as a source.

The best part is that these links are editorially-placed, which Google prefers.

And John Mueller, Search Advocate at Google, states that digital PR is “just as critical as tech SEO.”

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